ROME | TEXAS, 2017

Benito Greene Arte Público - 04
Arte en Escala Urbana - Segunda Edición
Curador invitado: Mtro. Alonso Fierro y Mónica Lozano
Agosto 2020

Descripción de la Obra:

While traveling abroad I encountered a nostalgic period of being away for a long time, missing specific things from home or familiar places while being away, as well as wishing to bring home all of those amazing experiences. In this image, I combined those things I missed the most from both places: the land and space from Texas and the wonderful European architecture. This piece is part of a series called World: Texas in where I explored and combined the contrast of both experiences. Rome:Texas is a photograph where one can notice the Arch of Constantine in Rome, being put in one of the spa- cious and empty Texas landscapes as a reflection of two main characteristics of the two worlds put together.
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Fotografía por Salvador Ruiz y Nómada Laboratorio Urbano
Video por Nómada Laboratorio Urbano

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